Ib Andersen

21.8.1907 – 2.4.1969

Ib Andersen trained as an architect at the Academy of Architecture, and was affiliated with Poul Henningsen’s drawing office at the end of the 1920s.

At an early age, he had already found his place as a newspaper artist, and worked for many years, until the 1960s, for Politiken. Ib Andersen made his debut there with the front page of Magasinet in 1927. He had inherited his talent as a draughtsman from his father, the poster artist, Valdemar Andersen.

Ib Andersen's posters are masterly and precise, with a lively, imaginative palette and an idiom influenced by Cubism. He was concerned with the balance between drawing and typography, and he often drew his letters himself. His poster for Tivoli from 1943, showing the swing boat, is still widely known and in demand.