Henrik Hansen

9.2.1902 – 19.6.1980

Henrik Hansen Laub studied at the School of Technology and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. He was born and grew up in Aarhus, and designed several posters for the town. For several years he was affiliated with Aarhus Stiftstidende as a newspaper illustrator, and from 1940 until his death in 1980 he drew the front page each year for the Christmas number of Familie Journalen. His best known posters are advertisements, especially product posters, and he designed a number of logos and labels for various firms. His portrait of the elephant keeper, Jena Zena, who came with Asian elephants all the way to Aarhus, is still used as a logo on packets of vanilla sugar. Henrik Hansen’s figures seem almost Germanic, standing out powerfully in colours that at times appear explosive or shimmering.