Harald Borges

9.4.1902 – 9.2.1991

Harald Borges trained as a typographer and later went to a school of draughtsmanship in Copenhagen. At the age of 60, he opened his own advertising agency. As an active and enterprising individual in Aarhus he was among those who started Aarhus Festival Week, and he was keenly involved in tourism in the town. However, he is known first and foremost for his many artistic interpretations of Aarhus.

In line with his personal interests, he turned his attention to posters, especially for tourism. The poster advertising for Aarhus, which shows Den Gamle By, is an example.  It is a stretch of the imagination, however. In its deep perspective, it shows the tower of the Town Hall, which in fact, no matter how hard you try, cannot really be seen from Den Gamle By.

Harald Borges’ posters are drawn in clear and simple lines, with subdued colours.