Hans Bendix

19.1.1898 – 10.12.1984

Hans Bendix made his debut at the Artists Autumn exhibition in Copenhagen in 1922, after studying painting in Paris, London and Copenhagen.

From 1922 to 1950 he did illustrations for Social-Demokraten, where he developed an individual flair for social satire, visual reporting, theatre drawings and portraits. From 1950 and until his death, Hans Bendix drew for Politiken.

In the world of posters he was at his best with tourism and political posters, or posters for the theatre, health and welfare services.

Many of Hans Bendix’s posters are in his characteristic light and sensual style, featuring elegant young women with long legs. It is easy to see his enthusiasm for French culture in his lively, provocative lines. There is often a strong element of humour in his posters.