Gerda Wegener

15.3.1886 – 28.7.1940

Gerda Wegener had already been taught to draw when she was admitted in 1902 to the Art School for Women at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She worked for several years for the newspaper Politiken, and at the same time produced a series of drawings for the satirical magazines, Blæksprutten and Klods Hans. As a poster designer she was particularly active in fashion and advertising. In 1912, Gerda Wegener moved to Paris, where she continued her artistic activities in a pure Art Nouveau style. Most frequently she drew female figures, ranging from sensual and sometimes directly erotic to depraved decadence. The artist’s model for these women was often Gerda Wegener’s husband, Einar Wegener, who later underwent a sex-change operation to become Lili Elbe.