Des Asmussen

17.7.1913 – 24.5.2004

Des Asmussen was christened Andreas Christian Eduard Asmussen, but the many given names were replaced by the short and down-to-earth Des.

He trained at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen from 1931 – 1934, and began work immediately afterwards as a magazine illustrator. His most impressive works are book illustrations, but he also produced numerous drawings and caricatures for magazines, newspapers and satirical publications like the Blæksprutten, Hudibras and Svikmøllen annuals.

His greatest strengths were his powers of observation and his lightning strokes, which captured the situation and mood of the moment. In short, he was a visual reporter.

Although posters were not the primary medium for Des Asmussen’s artistic activities, he has nevertheless managed to create a number of posters that have retained their force and effect on posterity.