The Danish Poster Museum always welcomes enquiries about donations, from single posters to large collections. HOWEVER, since we have a very comprehensive collection of about 200,000 posters, we are already well covered in many areas. At the same time, it costs time and money to preserve and register the posters, so we are selective about what we accept.

You are very welcome, nevertheless, to contact us and ask whether your particular poster(s) might be of interest to the Danish Poster Museum.

When posters are handed in, an accession form is filled in, documenting that the poster has been handed over to the Danish Poster Museum, and entitling the Danish Poster Museum to dispose freely over the new acquisition.

Always contact the museum and make an appointment if you are planning a visit. Otherwise we may be at a meeting or too busy to see you.

Please contact the director of the Danish Poster Museum, Curator Elsebeth Aasted Schanz, either by calling (+45) 41 85 07 83, or by e-mail to